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Brigitte Biffle spent over 12 years at the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office representing clients and ensuring all individuals received the best representation regardless of their circumstances.  She believes there is nothing more important than having someone in your corner to advocate for you and walk you through the legal process.

During her time at the Public Defender’s Office, she represented clients in all stages of a criminal case, including bond hearings, probation revocation hearings, preliminary hearings, motion hearings, blind pleas, trials, and sentencings.  She has received numerous dismissals on all types of cases, including but not limited to murders, robberies, burglaries, drug cases, and domestic cases.  Brigitte is a fierce litigator who has a great jury trial record; she has received not guilty verdicts in cases, which include murder in the first degree-malice aforethought and felony murder, murder in the second degree, robberies, burglaries, drug cases, and assault and battery cases. 

Brigitte takes pride in getting to know the client and learning the individual’s history.  Whether you have been falsely accused, committed a crime, or found yourself in a bad situation and need help, she will be there to learn your story, fight for you, and get you the best result possible.  She has helped those in crisis, whether they are experiencing mental health issues, dealing with addiction, trauma, homelessness, or a number of other hardships.  She has had great success in getting clients into diversion programs, such as drug court, mental health court, veteran’s court, remerge, community sentencing, and female diversion.  Brigitte believes there is nothing better than being able to give back and watch a person transform their life with the help of the proper resources. She will fight for you every step of the way and make sure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Brigitte was raised in Duncan, Oklahoma.  She attended the University of Oklahoma where she studied sociology with an emphasis on criminology.  It was there she became passionate about the criminal justice system and wrongful convictions.  She was selected as a member of the President’s Leadership Class and later received an award for outstanding sociology/criminology senior.  During that time, she worked at a law office in Norman, Oklahoma where she helped with personal injury and family law cases involving divorce and custody issues.  She went on to attend law school at Oklahoma City University where she served as president of the Criminal Law Association and secretary of the Moot Court Society.  She was also a member of Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity.  Her desire to be in a courtroom and litigate led her to the Public Defender’s Office where she spent over 12 years fighting for the less fortunate.  While there, she helped to train and supervise young attorneys and represented thousands of clients ensuring they received quality representation.  She now handles criminal cases, family law cases, and cases involving victim protective orders.


BA, University of Oklahoma; Sociology/Criminology 

JD, Oklahoma City School of Law

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Forensic Science Academy

Oklahoma Bar Admission, 2009