Will COVID-19 Affect the Legal System?

Coronavirus presents a number of similarly novel challenges for lawyers practicing criminal defense and civil litigation in courthouses across the state.  While shutting down banks and certain government offices poses significant concerns for the general population, courthouses and lawyers will have extreme pressures to stay open for a number of reasons.  Despite this pressure, many law firms across the country are closing their physical offices and more will do so in the coming weeks.

Many non-lawyers are surprised to learn that most courthouses in the State of Oklahoma do not provide any means of remotely attending courtroom appearances, or even electronically filing court documents!  Solutions created for lawyers to continue practicing law during these closures will require a nimble and modern law practice with the ability to utilize all of the electronic and technological accommodations available to continue representing its clients. 

At this stage, there are certainly many unanswered questions about how coronavirus will affect the practice of law in Oklahoma.  How will the coronavirus outbreak affect criminal defendants’ right to a speedy trial?  At Overman Legal Group, PLLC, every lawyer is committed to ensuring his or her client’s legal needs will continue being taken care of despite the societal reaction to this pandemic disease. 

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