Experiencing a car accident is distressing, but when it occurs due to the negligence of a drunk driver, the impact can be particularly devastating. When it comes to a car crash caused by a drunk driver in Oklahoma, understanding the steps to take after such an incident is crucial to protect your rights and seek appropriate compensation. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Safety First

Regardless of how and why it happened, immediately following a wreck, your safety and the safety of others involved should be the primary concern. If possible, move to a secure location away from traffic to prevent further accidents. Dial 911 immediately to report the accident. Law enforcement documentation is crucial, especially if alcohol impairment is suspected.

Gathering Information and Evidence

Immediately following the accident, collecting pertinent information becomes pivotal. Make it a point to get the other driver’s details, including their license plate number, insurance information, and contact details. If witnesses are present, gather their contact information as well. 

Visual documentation of the accident scene through photographs or videos should include damages to vehicles, injuries sustained, road conditions, plus any relevant signage. These visual records can serve as vital evidence for your case.

Immediate Actions and Medical Attention

This part is extremely important: Refrain from admitting fault or discussing the accident with anyone other than the authorities on the scene. Remember that any statements made could potentially be used against you.

As far as medical attention goes, even if you feel that any injuries aren’t immediately apparent, it’s vital to undergo a thorough medical examination. Some injuries might manifest later, and having documented medical records in place is vital for your cases should something spring up.

Legal Guidance and Understanding Rights

Once the dust has settled and you feel comfortable, immediately reach out to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney experienced in handling drunk driving accidents in Oklahoma. They can guide you through what’s almost always a complex legal process, protect your rights, and help pursue the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been through due to someone else’s bad decisions. A qualified attorney will explain your rights and options, ensuring clarity about the legal steps ahead.

Preservation of Evidence

Keep any and all documents related to the accident, such as medical records, police reports, receipts for medical expenses, vehicle repair bills, and so on. Maintaining prompt correspondence with insurance companies is also important.

One final thing to keep in mind: Oklahoma has specific time limits for filing personal injury claims. Seeking legal counsel promptly is crucial in building a strong case and ensuring you don’t miss the statute of limitations, so do not delay this very necessary action.

Your Legal Representation Makes All the Difference

Being the victim of a car crash due to a drunk driver can be overwhelming, but remember, you have rights—and legal avenues available. Seeking guidance from a qualified legal professional is key to navigating the complexities of the legal system and securing the compensation you deserve for your losses.

If you’re in need of legal guidance to navigate the unique challenges that will assuredly arise from a car crash caused by a drunk driver in Oklahoma, the team at Overman Legal Group is ready to step in on your behalf. With our well-established legal expertise, we’re committed to utilizing every available resource to ensure you the outcome you’re entitled to. 

Remember: you’re the victim. Don’t leave the outcome of your wreck in the hands of the insurance companies. Get the full compensation you deserve. 

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