Excusable or Justifiable Homicide Including Self-Defense

Excusable homicide is not a crime and occurs when a death is caused accidentally and with no ill-intent.

Likewise, justifiable homicide is not a crime and describes killings done in the name of self-defense, to prevent the death or serious injury to another, and necessary killings committed by law enforcement officers. Oklahoma recently passed what has become known as a Stand Your Ground statue recognizing that “that the citizens of the State of Oklahoma have a right to expect absolute safety within their own homes, places of business or places of worship.” Moreover, Oklahoma now presumes that you have a reasonable fear of death or serious injury when someone is unlawfully and forcefully attempts to enter your home, place of business or place of worship.


For more information, see OK ST T. 21 § 731, OK ST T. 21 § 733, OK ST T. 21 § 1289.25.

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