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Understanding White-Collar Crime in Oklahoma

Bank fraud, embezzlement, and forgery are just a few of the common white-collar crimes prosecuted in Oklahoma. Learn how these crimes are classified, what the punishments can be, and how to defend yourself if you’ve been caught up in a situation brought on by an employer.

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Criminal Attorneys in Oklahoma

The Truth on Self-Defense Laws in Oklahoma

Self-defense laws in Oklahoma have certainly evolved over time and now provide protections for justified lethal force in a number of situations. To better grasp self-defense laws in Oklahoma, one must understand the Castle Doctrine, Make My Day Doctrine, and Stand Your Ground Doctrine—and where things stand today.

Here’s what you need to know about each.

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VPO in Oklahoma - Criminal Defense Attorneys

What to do if You are the Subject of a VPO in Oklahoma

A Victim’s Protective Order, also known as a VPO or restraining order, is a legal order of protection for a person who has been a victim of a crime such stalking, harassment, domestic violence, and sexual assault. While VPOs are intended to protect a vulnerable and fearful person, there are sometimes cases when a person files for an order to exact revenge on someone else or even gain leverage in a situation like a custody dispute.

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