New Partner Announcement

Congratulations To New Partner, Benjamin Munda

Overman Legal Group is proud to announce Benjamin Munda as the firm’s newest partner. Mr. Munda joined the firm as an associate in August 2020.

“I am honored to continue my career in criminal defense as a partner at Overman Legal Group.” says Munda. “I’m eager to keep working as part of a team that is focused on bringing justice to our clients and our community at large.”

Before joining Overman, Ben began his professional legal career at McAfee and Taft Law Firm where he worked for two years as an Intellectual Property attorney primarily focused on patent work. He then moved on to become a Public Defender in Oklahoma County, which he did for five years from June 2015 to August 2020. During this time, he received the Barry Albert Award for outstanding trial work in Oklahoma County. Since joining Overman Legal Group, Ben has continued his hard work as an advocate on behalf of his clients.

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