You should be happy and feel comfortable with you or your loved one’s defense attorney. Communication with your attorney is key.

To start the process, make sure you find someone reputable. Be wary of certain attorneys who will quote you small fees. You may get what you pay for. Defending criminal matters takes time and you want your defense attorney to put the time into your case that is required. There is no substitute for trust and hard work

You also want a talented attorney. Not all attorneys are equal. Some are better than others. Make sure your attorney has the talent and experience to advocate for you. Often times defense attorneys are all that stands between your freedom and the government who is trying to take it away. Make sure you have a talented and dedicated lawyer.

Trust is paramount. The legal process can be difficult to understand. It is important that you are comfortable heeding the advice of your attorney as they help you navigate your way through the legal process. Whether it be in explaining the process, strategizing a defense, or deciding whether to plea or to go to trial, it is important you know that your attorney has your best interests at heart.

Here at Overman Legal Group we have the experience—as former district attorneys, public defenders as well as years of experience in private practice. We have built many incredible relationships with clients we value greatly. We have been recognized with many of the most prestigious awards bestowed to criminal defense lawyers and trial specialists.

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